Who we are

The Brooklyn Learning Center is a community of people who love to learn. We focus on process, not product, which enhances motivation and selfconfidence. We tailor our programs to help students best meet their goals. Whether they need help with academic tutoring, school admissions and test preparation or working with a learning disability, we teach students to feel good about their learning and to succeed in life.

The center was founded 25 years ago by Joan Margolis, a teacher with an M.S. in Psychology. Joan and her daughter, Amy Margolis, a Ph.D. in psychology, together with a staff of approachable, knowledgeable psychologists, psychology fellows, externs, and tutors, work one-on-one with students using methods that honor each student’s learning style.

Even though our tutoring model is one-on-one, our staff model is collaborative: we work under the “none of us is as smart as all of us” edict. So your child will truly walk into a Center — a hub of learning in which a psychologist helps a tutor whose student says, “I’m too overwhelmed to start this paper” or a tutor who’s getting a Ph.D. in literature helps the psychologist with the finer points of metaphor in poetry.