Group Meetings

Groups are available for students who want to make friends and build social and interpersonal skills. We do this through structured activities including role playing and modeling in a fun and therapeutic environment. Of course we will throw in some cognitive skills and exercises with language pragmatics during game-playing time.

Who is it for?

Many students have difficulty interacting in groups of peers. This can leave them feeling isolated and lonely. There are numerous reasons students feel this way. Perhaps they have a learning disability that makes it difficult to interpret nonverbal social cues. Perhaps they have difficulty processing tone in language and misunderstand sarcasm. Or maybe they are day-dreamy and miss important parts of conversations and don’t know how to rejoin a discussion. Our goal is to help students develop skills to overcome these difficulties and to meet other students their age who are in the community (but not their school) with whom they can develop friendships.

When and how much?

Groups are led by Dr. Aparna Sampat, an experienced HomeWork Therapist and licensed psychologist.

Groups meet on Friday afternoons and Saturdays for 75 minutes in our Park Slope location, which is close to Prospect Park and where we have access to a garden for outdoor meetings in spring and summer. To find out about our groups please call 718-935-0400 or email us here.