HomeWork Therapy®

HomeWork Therapy® is an individual treatment that combines tutoring, remediation of cognitive and/or academic skill deficits, and interpersonal psychotherapy into one process. Placed within the lexicon of play therapy, behavior therapy, or talk therapy, HomeWork Therapy® uses homework as the medium in which to work. This approach is unique because it combines ideas from psychology and education into a single modality to address a student’s emotional and academic needs in order to achieve educational health.

School can be frustrating for students with learning disabilities or attention disorders. Because of the demands of the classroom setting, teachers cannot address each and every learning style. These students constantly receive implicit messages from the environment that they are missing something or doing something wrong, and this affects their sense of self. They begin to feel like they are inadequate or unintelligent.

The definition of a learning disability is that students are bright but are having difficulty attaining a specific academic skill. The reality is often that these students have tremendous natural abilities that, when tapped into, can help overcome learning and performance weaknesses. HomeWork Therapy® helps students develop academic competency and a positive view of themselves as learners.

Our method for HomeWork Therapy® varies according to each student’s individual needs. When a HomeWork Therapist presents material in a way that accesses a student’s natural abilities and takes weaknesses into account, learning explodes. Through this we access awareness, increase selfesteem and help our students develop a positive attitude toward learning.