Writing Support

We’re all familiar with such scribbled comments as, “Please support,” “Unclear,” and “Awk,” but how exactly does a student “support”? And what grammatical restructurings would make “unclear” turn “clear”? Sometimes the entire writing process is “awk.” (Argh!) At the Brooklyn Learning Center, we create concrete approaches based on each student’s writing and thinking style. That usually clears it all up.

Who is it for?

Writing support is for any student who wants to make writing a less painful endeavor. We use a process approach to help students parse writing into its subparts — brainstorming, editing and organizing — which makes the task less daunting. Spoken language and written language are different; when we teach this to our students they become more engaged in the writing process and thus more successful. We also offer analytical writing courses in our summer sessions.

When and how much?

Writing support is offered as either an Academic Tutoring or HomeWork Therapy® service. Call to discuss your child’s situation and we can determine which service will best fit his or her needs and goals. Fees vary with the service. Please call for more details at 718-935-0400 or email us here.